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The temperature was nearing freezing, and the sun, somewhere behind the clouds, had begun to set.  Blowing snow had obscured the sign for the missed exit.  The spot the driver picked for his u-turn would normally have been reasonable.  In the slick conditions, however, the rear wheels of the trailer started to slide towards the shoulder, and then over the shoulder, taking the trailer and cab for a ride. 

The driver avoided injury but during the roll, all of the crates on the trailer broke loose, and then broke open, spilling thousands of your chickens across the road.  Although most of your chickens survived the crash, they happen to be Rhode Island Whites and were quickly indistinguishable against the snow as they made tracks across the road into the fallow field beyond.  

It’s possible they’ll still be there in the morning picking through the rows.  If not, your livestock policy will help your feathers from getting ruffled.

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Animal Mortality; Animal Farms (Exotic); Horse (Livestock); Livestock Haulers; Livestock Mortality; Livestock–Auction Market Form; Livestock–Commercial Feedlot Reporting Form; Major Medical and Surgery Insurance; Poultry Insurance; Racetracks–Animals.

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Animal Rescue Organizations; Animal Shelter; Dog Kennels; Zoos and Zoological Societies.

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Animal Mortality; Birds (Exotic); Dangerous Dog Liability Insurance; Major Medical and Surgery Insurance; Pet Accident and Health Insurance; Pet Grooming Liability; Pet Mortality Insurance; Veterinarians Professional Liability.