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All of the honey-sweet peace of mind you gained from your meditation retreat melts away as you return home to find water running from under the front door of your condo.  You open it to find that your collection of 18th century Hindu prayer rugs and statues are buried under a soggy layer of what used to be your ceiling. 

Perhaps you should have remembered to breathe.  But you didn’t.  You were upset.  You had spent decades culling those treasures from markets throughout India.  And Ms. Tippler, who owns the condo above you, has always enjoyed cocktail hour.  At any hour.  The only possible explanation was that she dozed off with the water running during one of her afternoon bubble baths.  And you let everyone at the condo association meeting know it. 

As it happened, however, Ms. Tippler was at the beach.  And while she was, her cat was having a heyday with the new motion-activated faucets she had installed.  Breathe easy.  Your collectibles are covered by more than your ceiling.  And as for the ceiling, your condo policy will see you through that … as well as Ms. Tippler’s slander suit.

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Caribbean Property; Coastal Properties; Historic Home Insurance; Homeowners Policies–Low–Value and Nonstandard; Mexico Homeowners Insurance; Substandard and Low–Valued Dwelling Fire Insurance; Vacant Properties Insurance.

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Apartment Complexes; Caribbean Property; Coastal Properties; Condominiums; High–Valued Commercial Property; Hotels; Mobile Home Parks–Owners Liability; Resorts; Substandard Fire (Commercial); Vacation Income Property; Vacant Properties Insurance.

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Art Collections; Collectibles; Gun Collection Floaters; High–Valued Personal Property; Jewelers Block; Jewelry and Fur Floaters (High Values); Mobilehome Personal Lines Coverage; Mountain Bikes; Musical Instrument Floaters; Sports Memorabilia (Baseball Cards, Etc.)