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The bulls have been extra feisty tonight, and the crowd’s going wild.  It’s the final ride, and the announcer bellows, “Let’s hear it for Roman Gates riding Cuttin’ Mustard!” Cuttin’ Mustard launches from the chute, instantly sending Roman Gates into orbit.  On the other end of the ring, hampered by crowd noise, the rodeo hand thinks he heard, “open the gates for the mutton busters!” and sends a dozen eager youths riding sheep barreling into the ring. 

The clowns realize the mistake and spring into action before things can get ugly.  With Cuttin’ Mustard hot on his heels, one clown dives over the spectator rail, and, like a rocket, the bull follows him over.  As fans scatter, Cuttin’ Mustard tears up the stairs, through the tunnel and into the concourse.  Before the hands can catch him, a concession stand is in ruins, ketchup pumps and trash cans have been knocked about like rodeo barrels, and his horns sport several Bavarian pretzels. 

For a moment they get him subdued, only to lose their collective footing on the condiment puddles and frankfurter wrappers.  Cuttin’ Mustard slips through their grasp, rips several entry doors clean off their hinges and disappears out into the night.  At least the string of car alarms will tell you which direction he headed.   

Luckily this ain’t your first rodeo, and your special event protection is going to get you back in the saddle.

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special events

Athletic Event Cancellation Insurance; Bungee Jumping Events; Carnivals and Circuses; Catered Affair Cancellation Insurance; Disc Jockey; Event Cancellation Insurance; Event Coordinators Errors and Omissions; Fireworks Displays–Contractors Risks; Hole–in–One Coverage; Prize Indemnification Insurance; Rock Concerts; Rodeos and Horse Shows; Special Events Liability.

special event insurance

amusement & entertainment

Amusement Devices – Coin Operated; Amusement Parks and Fairgrounds; Amusement Rides; Casino/Gaming Risks; Disc Jockey; Fireworks Displays–Contractors Risks; Haunted Houses; Miniature Golf; Nightclubs; Paint Ball Game Centers; Parasailing Operators; River Boat Gambling Casinos; Rodeos and Horse Shows; Short Term Productions; Video Games/Arcade Centers; Water Parks Insurance.