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The worldwide craze for robotic pets is at an all time high.  In a stroke of creative genius - based upon your grandmother's fond memories of her Betsy Wetsy doll - you have patented and produced a line of "Puppy Doodle" creations.  Your revolutionary "cyber leash" technology makes it possible to automatically update and add applications to their repertoire of tricks and sales have been phenomenal.

Unfortunately, the Society for the Prohibition of Automated Mammals (SPAM), has hacked into your system and disabled the sleep mode and timer controls.  You are getting hundreds of claims for uncontrolled scatological mayhem, not to mention the cancellation of future orders.  

But you had the foresight to protect yourself with product liability, business interruption and cyber security coverages.  This secures your business while you address the hack and pursue your latest creative design - the self-replicating Pet Rock.  What could go wrong with that?

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manufacturing and distribution insurance

Manufacturing & Distribution

Chemical Distributors; Chemical Manufacturers; Coatings and Adhesives Manufacturers; Cosmetics Distributors; Cosmetics Manufacturers; Nanomaterial Distribution; Nanomaterial Manufacturing; Paint Manufacturers; Product Contamination Insurance; Product Warranty Inefficacy Coverage; Product Warranty Insurance; Products Liability–Hazardous or New Products; Products Recall Expense Insurance; Toy Manufacturers; Trailer Manufacturers Product Liability; Welding Supplies Sales and Distribution.

transportation haulers insurance


Anhydrous Ammonia Haulers Liability; Customs Bonds; Bobtail or Deadheading Liability (Truckers); Long Haul Trucking Insurance; Manufactured Home Haulers; Railroad Property and Liability Coverages; Railroad Protective Liability; Sand and Gravel Haulers; Tow Trucks Insurance; Transportation Brokers–Contingent Cargo Insurance; Truckers Occupational Accident/Workers Compensation; Trucking Operations; Truck Servicing Operations.