Marine & Watercraft


The fog was thick as chowder, and technically the pirates should have given way as you were under sail.  Your Catalina, the No Worries, proved victorious however, and punched a considerable gash in their hull.  Their Baja Outlaw speed boat, the Roger That, began to quickly flounder. 

Despite that you offered them proof of your boat policy and a lift to shore, the pirates decided to settle the claim by commandeering your ship and setting you adrift.  At least they let you keep your life jacket.  Several days later, the Coast Guard informed you they found your ship run aground at low tide and had it towed back to port. 

Apparently they were complete greenhorns where rigging was concerned.  Although still seaworthy, your fishing gear, navigational electronics, and rum are nowhere to be found.   No worries.  Your boat policy’s going to keep you afloat.

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Commercial Lines

Boat Dealers; Boat Manufacturers; Boat Rental; Boatyards or Boat Repair and Servicing    Operations; Bumbershoot Liability; Canoe Trips/River Rafting; Charter Boats; Commercial Fishing Boats; Ferry Flight Insurance; Marina Operations; Marine Cargo Insurance; Marine Hull Insurance; Marine War Risk; Maritime Liability; Movie Boats; Oceanography Risks; Protection and Indemnity Insurance (Marine); River and Harbor Craft; Sport Fishing Boats.

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Personal Lines

Antique and Classic Boats; High Performance Boats; Houseboats; Personal Watercraft; Sailboats; Yachts and Pleasure Boats.


Dive Shops / Instructors; Ferry Operators; Marine–related Professional Liability and E&O; Pier and Dock Contractors; Ship Charterers Legal Liability; Ship Repairers Legal Liability; United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation; Wharfingers Legal Liability.