Energy, Fuel, Oil & Gas

insurance coverages for commercial liability & errors & omissions for dealers, equipment, distributors & manufacturers

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energy & fuel

Alternative Energy Plants; Biofuel Distribution; Biofuel Manufacturing; Coal Mining Operations; Coal Trucks Physical Damage; Geothermal Energy Projects; Power Distribution –Electric Utilities; Solar Energy Products and Installers; Wind Farms.

Oil & Gas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dealers; Natural Gas Utilities; Offshore Oil Drilling and Service Risks; Oil and Gas Deficiency Insurance–Guaranteed Performance; Oil Drilling Equipment; Oil Drilling Rigs and Well Servicing Equipment; Oil Jobbers/Petroleum Distributors; Oil Landmen and Lease Brokers Errors and Omissions; Oil Lease Property (Oil Field Equipment); Oil Well Liability; Operators Extra Expense–Oil and Gas; Pipeline Insurance.