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INSURANCE COVERAGEs FOR individuals, PROFESSIONALS, & institutions


The head of human resources asked you for advice about her boyfriend.  You told her to dump the lout.  How were you supposed to know the “boyfriend” was actually an employee who now is suing the company for wrongful termination? 

The board asked you to file some documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Now you’re under investigation. How were you supposed to know they failed to disclose the new director’s stock options? 

The new hire asked if you’d review the reports she prepared.  You told her you’d be delighted to examine her briefs.  How were you supposed to know she’d construe it as harassment? 

Your dear Aunt Penny asked you to help prepare her bankruptcy petition.  How could you possibly say no?  Or not try to exempt as many of her assets as possible?  How were you supposed to know the company for whom you act as employed counsel had a claim against her estate?  Which isn’t necessarily a conflict of interest.  Until your employer claims she’s fraudulently evading the debt. 

As a corporate attorney, you can’t always keep your own counsel. But to help balance the scales, you have your employed counsel policy. This defense never rests.


Our dedicated, independent agencies can accurately assess your insurance needs and, should a claim ever arise, be your advocate throughout the process. Discover the network agency nearest you to shop locally for superior service and expert knowledge.



E & O & Professional

Bailees Insurance; Corporate or Employed Counsel; County Clerks and Recorders; Court Reporter; Drug Testing Liability; Employed Counsel; Forensic and Expert Witness; Law Enforcement Officers; Lawyers; Mediators / Arbitrators; Paralegal; Polygraph Operators; Private Corrections Industry; Security Guard Services & Detective Agencies.

Legal Protections & Exposures

Business Legal Expense Insurance; Identity Theft Liability; Intellectual Property Enforcement Coverage; Legal Expense Insurance; Patent Infringement; Representations and Warranties Coverage; Unauthorized Computer Access Coverage.

Criminal Acts

Active Shooter Coverage; Sex Abuse / Molestation Liability; Kidnap/Ransom Insurance; Sex Abuse / Molestation Liability; Substandard Crime Insurance; Terrorism Coverage.