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You’ve earned it.  After years of climbing in the trade, you’ve finally arrived. But your breakthrough contract, a state of-the-art manufacturing facility, has already fallen behind schedule.  You still have most of the pad to pour.  If you let the concrete cure normally, you’ll almost certainly be subject to fines for failure to deliver on time.  Your client has already given up his current lease in anticipation of move in. 

A buddy of yours suggests a certain concrete admix will speed the curing and keep you on schedule.  However, you’ve never used the admix before. Do you take a risk on a project this important?  On one hand, it would sure be nice to keep those profits in your pocket.  Pulling through on this contract will put your kid through college and offer you a well-earned vacation on some remote tropical beach.  On the other hand, there will be a lot of equipment on those slabs.  It’s a heavy decision.  Literally.

Not having to sweat every decision helps you move forward more confidently.  And if one of those decisions doesn’t work out, well, that’s why you invested in your professional liability policy.  It offers you and your clients solutions.  It means being able to say, “I can fix that,” instead of “I’m sorry.”

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General Contractors - Apartments and Condominiums; Bridge/Tunnel and Elevated Highways; Construction (Infrastructure); Heavy Construction Contractors; Highway and Street Construction; Industrial and Warehousing; Land Improvement; Non-Residential; Rehabilitation and Historic Restoration; Residential/Home Builders; Residential Remodeling; Builder’s Risk; Property and Equipment Coverage; Contractor Controlled Insurance Plan (CCIP); Design and Build (Project Management); Wrap-Up Liability and Completion Bonds.

hazardous materials insurance

hazardous materials

Asbestos Abatement Consultants Professional Liability; Asbestos and Lead Paint Abatement Bonds; Construction / Environmental Testing Laboratories; Lead Paint Removal Contractors, Lead-based Paint Renovation, Mold & Environmental Pollution; Repair and Painting; Radon Mitigation Consultants and Contractors.

construction contractor builder insurance

Specialty Trades

Carpentry Work; Concrete Work; Crane and Rigging; Demolition Work; Dredging; Electricians; Elevators / Escalators / Lifts; Erection All Risk (EAR); Excavation; Flooring Installation; Framing; Glass and Glazing; Landscape and Irrigation Installers; Masonry / Stone; Painting and Paperhanging; Plastering / Drywall / Acoustical / Insulation; Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC); Material Handling Contractors; Plumbing; Power / Pressure Washing; Roofing / Siding / Sheet Metal; Scaffolding; Structural Steel; Swimming Pool / Spa; Terrazzo / Tile / Marble / Mosaic; Water Well Contractors; Welders; Woodworking and Lumber.

designer and builder insurance

designers, Architects
& Engineers

Architects and Engineers Professional Liability; Civil Engineers; Construction (Infrastructure) Engineers; Electrical Engineers; Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Preparers; Fire and Life Safety Engineers; Golf Course Architects; Interior Designers; Irrigation Designers; Landscape Architects; Mechanical Engineers; Plumbing Engineers; Security System Design and Specifications; Site Surveyors; Soil Engineers.