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The dinner hour is in full swing, the specials are delightful, and you’ve just dimmed the lights to set the evening mood.  A sudden bang erupts from the back of the house, and then there are no lights, and the mood changes considerably.  The hum of conversation is replaced briefly by silence followed by what must have been the demise of several trays of entrées. 

Investigation of the offending bang reveals that your catering van backed into the breaker box instead of the loading dock.  Your caterer claims he was avoiding a careening car driven by a bar regular who you watched leave only minutes ago.  Hopefully they were only texting.  But this isn’t your only concern.  Your weekly seafood delivery came this morning and unless you can get the power back on soon, everything in the coolers is about to spoil. 

In the dining room, as you suspected, several waitstaff collided in the dark and dinners collided with diners.   To top it all off, one of your guests is claiming she feels sick from her meal.  Hopefully it’s less about your cooking and more about the fact that she’s wearing a lobster and crème brulee.  Luckily, you have your restaurant policy to keep you from getting hot under the collar.


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Bars; Caterers Errors and Omissions; Food Street Vendors; Food Trucks; Food–Borne Illness–Loss of Income; Liquor Dealers and Stores; Liquor Liability (Host Coverage); Liquor Liability and Dram Shop Act Liability; Micro Brewery/Brew Pubs; Restaurants.